Monday, 23 October 2017

Those Lovisa rings

It was my birthday recently. Yayyyy!! 
*pops balloons and blow candles*

Besides that, i received presents and one that i am really obsessed with right now are these rings from Lovisa given by a good friend of mine. I personally am not a ring wearer so i never really see myself wearing any nor do i think i look good and confident in any ring. But as soon as i laid my eyes and hands on these i may will grow a bigger collection mueheheh

It comes in a set of 8 and i am wearing the size S-M and to be honest some of these are big and loose for me and these are the smallest size!!

In this collection that i own, they have 3 plain ones with no hearts or any pendants swinging off them just a plain circular ring which to be honest is so classy i am in love

There are also these that i have no idea how to explain it but i made a research (spent 15 mins scrolling through google images of types of rings) and this is called as a bar set(?) And these only fit in my thumb.

And these ones are like the fun ones that have tessals and pendants swinging from it.These surely are also one of my favorites. Okay lets be real all of these are my favorites gosh hahah i cant choose.

I like all of these so much i have been sliding it on and off my fingers all the time!! They are quite comfortable to wear and it is such a shame that some of them are loose for me. I wish they made smaller ones that fit my cruella fingers

till next time ..